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For many of us, one of the greatest outdoor experiences involves stepping into the wild with a loaded gun. The reason Fjällräven exists is a pioneering attitude that things can get better. Tougher, stronger, simpler, more sustainable. Regardless of how others do it.

As we move into the wild with a rifle over the shoulder, our hunting gear matches the classic Fjällräven formula of wilderness expertise and a manic strive for timeless function, feel and durability. Enabling a rich outdoor life, without scarifying the environment.

We call it Conscious Hunting.


With Sörmland we have developed a series of hunting garments that you will want to wear even when you are not hunting. With classic aesthetics in combination with Fjällräven’s legendary eye for detail, functionality and durability.


Sitting still is anything other than being inactive. For those long days when anything or nothing can happen, we have created Värmland – robust clothing with jackets and trousers that will keep you warm and comfortable whatever the weather is doing.


For hunters who prefer active hunting that involves changeable conditions and a varying tempo we have developed Lappland – a series of advanced hybrid garments based on Fjällräven’s popular Keb series.

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  1. Lappland Eco-Shell Poncho

    Lappland Eco-Shell Poncho

    Poncho imperméable, léger et confortable en Eco Shell 2,5 couches. La coupe des manches fa...
    379,95 €
  2. Sörmland Padded Vest W

    Sörmland Padded Vest W

    Veste rembourrée très pratique en polyester souple avec renforts en G-1000 Silent Eco. Deu...
    199,95 €
  3. Sörmland Tapered Winter Trousers W

    Sörmland Tapered Winter Trousers W

    Pantalon confortable et chaud en G-1000 Silent Eco avec doublure en mesh brossé. Coupe Reg...
    189,95 €
  4. Sörmland Padded Jacket W

    Sörmland Padded Jacket W

    Veste résistante à l'eau en G-1000 Silent Eco avec un léger rembourrage synthétique isolan...
    399,95 €
  5. Alice Fleece

    Alice Fleece

    Polaire confortable avec un ajustement Confort, coupe légèrement plus longue dans un mélan...
    189,95 €
  6. Brenner Pro Padded Jacket Camo W

    Brenner Pro Padded Jacket Camo W

    Veste chaude et imperméable avec imprimé camouflage et rembourrage synthétique pour aller ...
    459,00 €
  7. Brenner Pro Winter Trousers Camo W

    Brenner Pro Winter Trousers Camo W

    Pantalon de chasse imperméable et coupe-vent avec doublure isolante à maille et gonflant v...
    279,00 €
  8. Lappland Hybrid Jacket W

    Lappland Hybrid Jacket W

    Veste légère et robuste pour la chasse active en tissu extensible et G-1000 Silent Eco. Ca...
    339,95 €
  9. Brenner Pro Winter Trousers W

    Brenner Pro Winter Trousers W

    Pantalon de chasse doublé, chaud et imperméable, en G-1000 Silent Eco avec Hydratic. Une c...
    279,00 €
  10. Lappland Hybrid Trousers W

    Lappland Hybrid Trousers W

    Pantalon léger et robuste pour les parties de chasse actives en tissu extensible et G-1000...
    229,95 €
  11. Brenner Pro Padded Jacket W

    Brenner Pro Padded Jacket W

    Veste rembourrée, chaude et imperméable, en G-1000 Silent Eco silencieux et souple. Fixati...
    459,00 €
  12. Högvilt Jacket

    Högvilt Jacket

    Veste chaude arrivant à hauteur de genou, dans un tissu extérieur silencieux avec une doub...
    454,00 €
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